so “it’s getting reeeeeal”


tbh this whole hierarchy of “superfans” is really ridiculous, it’s kind of unfair that accounts with excessive amounts of followers are singled out as the biggest fans…like i’m not denying that they’re huge fans but it’s annoying that taylor nation doesn’t really make any sort of effort to include others & give other fans exclusives & opportunities when some have had so many already 

Taylor Out and About in NYC (07/29/14)


taylor fans just logging on now



a source told me that we need to chill

“Is it true? Are you telling me that or am I supposed to tell you that? We are going to be doing each other’s songs [at iHeartRadio] so we’ll do all of hers songs and she’ll do all of our songs and we’ll see how everyone reacts”

Chris Martin on if he and Taylor Swift are collaborating (x)


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abigail_lauren"It was working ‘til you showed up. You big tree!" - Chandler Bing @taylorswift  (x)


[wakes up] are there new taylor candids yet